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Southport, Merseyside


I am an artist and photographer I studied art in both Liverpool and Southport, I have works in acrylics, pastel, pencil, pen, watercolours and photography, my work varies from portraits to landscapes abstract and still life, in both art and photography. I also use mixed media mixing some of my hand painted and sketched art with digital media, I have floral works in photography and digital designs. I have had my works at many exhibitions and know some other artists. I visit Scotland often and some of my work has been accomplished there. I also write poetry and illustrate them.
This picture of myself in the studio whilst sketching in charcoal pencil my most popular artwork with the most views, a sketch of Sir Paul McCartney during his Beatle years
I have over 1,500 images on here so I have broken them down into individual galleries for easy viewing and a short description of each gallery, my home art page goes straight into my galleries by default rather than images for easier viewing of my work, I'm sorry that the new pixels app that's available doesn't provide my individual gallery information and only the title, with no fault of my own, I wish it did provide that essential info for my buyers for each gallery. I hope you enjoy your visit to my vast amount of artworks on here.
No copying allowed, these works are for you to view or purchase, not to download without permission, as this will be a breach of my copyright as an artist, there is going to be a download purchase facility soon, there is a licensing and royalty free purchase on here if you so wish
The watermarks to the right of pictures are for my protection of copyright and won't appear in your finished purchase of any of my work

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